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fate interrupted

this is the second time I’ve read the book and it is still as good the second time. really enjoyed this book. a different story with a twist in the story. the connection between the two main characters is fantastic as well as the supporting characters, making this book romantic and funny. this book has some very hot steamy bits to it but they are not over done. a fantastic page turner and easy book to read. the story is fast paced moving from romantic and funny to misfortune very quickly. have the second book waiting as you will need to start it straight away. highly recommended.

released date : 24 nov 2013

print length : 284 pages

fate interrupted 2

this is the second book in the set, and what a good gripping read. i couldn’t put them down, as i needed to know what would happen next with the characters. as like the first the main characters are fantastic together but the supporting characters also bring funny and sexy scenes to the book. this book is very enjoyable with good highs, lows and twists to the story. this story is a good continuation from the first book. have the third book at the ready, you’ll need it.

released date : 24 nov 2013

print length : 244 pages

fate interrupted 3

i found this by accident and i’m so glad i did, what a fantastic conclusion to the story but also leaves you wanting more. in this book, you also get to dip into the lives of the other characters in the book which is brill. apparently they will be a forth part to the series, i personally cant wait to see what happens. very good set, well worth a read.

released date : 26 feb 2014

print length : 242 pages

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