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am a native Angeleno, specifically an original valley girl.  (Cue Frank Zappa music).  I am a self-professed bibliophile, with a Kindle library larger than Imelda Marcos’ closet.  I have also been writing since I was old enough to form letters when someone shoved a crayon into my tiny little fist as a toddler.  Those letters eventually became sentences, and those sentences eventually turned into stories.  It took a long time before I was able to turn those stories into something I felt was worthy of sharing with the world, but finally here we are.  I hope that you agree.

As for the rest of me, I’m a 40-something (no, I’m not going to tell you how many somethings follow the 40) mother of three who has been married to my husband for 14 years.  We live in a small enclave just north of Los Angeles with my aunt, who is also an author.

Shattered Perfection is my debut novel. The original draft was written over a three week period in October/November 2014.  It “marinated” on my hard drive until February 2015, when a good friend and fellow author begged to read it.  I was completely against the idea, but being the persuasive and amazingly handsome fellow he is, he was impossible to resist.

After far less rewriting and editing than I imagined would be necessary, I am now able to share with you a story that I hope will make you laugh, cry and ultimately feel as though you have loved right along with Mimi and Vance.

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shattered perfection

omg, what can I say. I think this book needs to come with a warning “tissues will definitely be required”. this is the first book by this author that I’ve read and I will be defiantly cant wait to read more. I loved how the book started at the present day then went back to the beginning to tell the love story finishing back at present day. a fantastic book with a brilliant a story line and even better characters.
highly recommended

release date – 30 aug 2015

print length – 348 pages

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