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Solid stone (revolving door)

what a fab rad, I loved everything about it. the ending does have a cliff hanger ending so be warned. I really enjoyed the characters. the story has its steamy parts. the author has a fab way of keeping you hooked till the end with the writing. this is a really fab story that you’ll definitely be reading long into the night.

highly recommended

release date  – 15 oct 2016

print length – 300 pages

Excerpt from Solid Stone – Revolving Door…..MATURE AUDIENCE

He says, “Do you want me to show you around the club? The band won’t come on for another half hour and our table is reserved.”   “Sure, show me around.” He takes my hand and we walk back to the elevator. He pulls out a key card and inserts it in a slot and presses the up button. When the doors open, we get out and walk hand in hand down one of the hallways. He uses the key card again and opens a door into what I quickly realize is a boardroom. In the middle of the room is a large mahogany boardroom table with twelve high back executive leather chairs around it. Adam closes the door and brings me into him for a kiss. I don’t think showing me around is what he really has in mind. I suddenly feel a pulsating tingle shoot up from my vagina.   As I watch him move a chair from the head of the table, I can feel my heart beating faster with anticipation. He stands in front of me and gently pushes me backward until I can feel the table against my bum. His hands slide along my outer thighs moving my dress upward and then he pulls my panties part way down. I feel my legs begin to tremble, as desire begins to rise in me combined with curiosity. Without any notice, Adam lifts me up onto the long boardroom table and places me right at the very edge of it. I can feel the smooth wood against my bare bum. He slides my panties off and throws them on the table. Spreading my legs apart he stands between them.   “What if someone walks in?” I say, feeling shy all of a sudden.   “Violet, I want you now, very much. Do you really want me to stop?” His eyes seem ravenous when he looks at me. My own darker desires take over; I can’t control myself. I feel Adam is about to take care of that.   I manage to whisper, “No, please don’t stop.”    He grins and firmly taps the end of my nose with his finger and says, “No more talking, only moaning.” Another hot, searing shot runs up my lower region. We are so close that I can feel his breath on my face. He takes his hand and lifts my chin upward forcing me to look into his dark blue eyes. There is a demanding and lustful look in those eyes. He says with that voice, “You said I controlled the boardroom, well, I am going to show you now that is very true.” I am beguiled by his eyes and his words. I swallow hard and can feel my heart beating even faster now.    He puts his hand on my throat and pulls me in close to kiss him; his tongue finds mine and we begin to explore. When he’s had enough, he stops, looks at me, and then slides his hand down my throat stopping in the middle of my chest. He can feel my heart pounding and a slight grin comes across his lips. I believe he is about to wield his power over me now. His other hand slides down in between my thighs. When he touches me, I moan and fling my head back. He grabs the back of my head forcing me to face him again and then slowly inserts his thumb inside of me while watching my face as he does. “Ahh” I cry out as he begins to move it around. It feels amazing and sends a series of volcanic eruptions through me.   Before I know it, he halts my moans when he puts his ‘essence of Violet’ thumb in my mouth. He commands, “Suck.” I obey and do so eagerly. He quickly inserts his other thumb inside of me. I moan again, as what he is doing to me in both places is absolutely spellbinding. He watches me suck his thumb as he wiggles and pushes his other thumb up inside of me. I groan loudly. When I think my delights have reached their summit, he slides his lubricated thumb from my vagina to my clitoris, while inserting a finger to replace his thumb. Oh, my! He is now stimulating me in three places! He is a magician; I feel his fingers working their magic through my entire body. He presses his thumb against my clitoris while his finger dances inside of me. I know I won’t last long. I feel compelled to ask permission to come. I open my mouth to speak. He notices and slides his thumb out of my mouth trailing it over my chin and down my throat. My entire body is captivated by waves of pulsating pleasure.    “May I come, please?” I beg, barely audible. He likes that and grins down at me.   “Yes, you have my permission to come.” Oh, hearing him say that takes me up a notch. After a few more delightful and well placed motions of Adam’s thumb pressing against my clit and his finger wiggling inside of me, I fling my head back and let out a loud moan as I embark on the ultimate orgasm. “Ahhhhh!” I cry out. Adam keeps moving his fingers until my moan subsides. I am certain I have left a wet spot on the table.   He’s not finished with me yet. With authority he says, “Undo my pants now.” I’m still panting after what he just did to me. I lean my head against his chest for support and undo his belt, the button and then slowly lower his zipper. I slide his pants and then boxers down his muscular legs as low as I possibly can. His substantial and very hard cock thuds against my inner thigh. Oh! That’s impressive!   He says with that voice, “Wrap your legs around me. I am going to fuck you now, really fuck you. Use your legs as leverage, you’ll need it.” His demand sends an army of hot pulsations right through me. I can’t believe how my body responds to him. I am breathing heavier and nod yes, as I wrap my legs around him. I’m getting more turned on each minute. His confidence is outstanding and well, his need for control makes it even more exciting! If only he knew how that made me feel. He kisses me hard and begins squeezing the top of my bum very firmly.   “Violet, who do you belong to?”   I gasp, that sounds so familiar. “You, I belong to you,” I say, followed by ‘Master’ in my head. “Ahh” I moan again.   “That’s right Violet, and I am going to remind you now.” He forces his cock hard inside of me….

Amazon link – http://amzn.to/1Nnu30B

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