2 Days to go – Soutee (part 1) by Dale Wiley 

★¸¸.•*🐎*•★The Countdown Is Here★¸¸.•*🔫*•★

Only 2 more days until Soutee part 1 by Dale Wiley will be #live!!

Based on true events. #Mystery #Western

★¸¸.•*🐎*•★ PRE-ORDER ★¸¸.•*🔫*•★

★ Amazon: http://a.co/fqyMR7Z

★ B&N:http://bit.ly/2pgIPzw

★ Smashwords: http://bit.ly/2onylds

★ iBooks: http://apple.co/2oVR0A2

★ Kobo: http://bit.ly/2r8IWdh

★¸¸.•*🐎*•★ ABOUT THE BOOK ★¸¸.•*🔫*•★

Steve Soutee is a lawyer, a ladies man, a master gardener and chef, and the man you need in a pinch.

When a bailiff runs off with $25,000, Soutee is hot on his trail at the behest of the judge, with a bevy of beauties, a paternity accusation and a new woman who just may know where the money is hidden.

Follow Soutee as he heads to Memphis with his Cadillac’s eight track filled with great country tunes, 1979-style. Featuring a Soutee playlist so you can play along!


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