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Release blitz – Bottoms up by Holly Renee

Cover Design:Regina Wamba / Mae I Design & Photography

Release Date: October 18, 2017



From the moment I met him, I knew he was trouble.

He was reckless, cocky, and everything I shouldn’t want.

I had a life all figured out, and Tucker Moore was not a part of the plan.

But somehow I slipped.

One moment I had it all under control.

The next I was spiraling around him, begging him for whatever he would give me.

But as quickly as I fell for him, it all crumbled around us.

Because everything I thought I knew was far from the truth.

There was only one way to fix what we had done.

So I turned my world Bottoms Up.







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About the Author

Bookaholic, firm believer in grand gestures, and obsessed with happily ever afters. 

Holly Renee was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee where she lives with her husband and three fur-babies, Luna, Dobby, and Bellatrix. (Yes. She has a slight obsession with Harry Potter.) 

During the day, Holly spends her time as a nurse, but once she gets home, she falls deep into her passion of reading and writing.


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Teaser post – Brigadier’s game by V.F. Mason

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Brigadier’s Game by V. F. Mason!

#mafiaromance #alphamale #standalone

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1 day to go – Illusions of evil by Lily White

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Illusions of Evil by Lily White goes LIVE in 1 days!

#DarkRomance #Erotic #Thriller #Taboo #Priest #IllusionsOfEvil

📿 Release: October 18, 2017

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It’s what he said to me across his altar, what he demanded so that I would be pure.

In the moment he blessed me with his virtue, I was no longer the woman I’d once been.

I was Eve.

His light. His salvation. His bridge to Heaven’s gate.

I failed him because my faith was not strong enough.

He punished me for not giving in.

Resisting temptation is never easy.

Not when his hands, his teeth, his heat and hunger were the greatest of my sins.